WPC 2016: Consider Hosting a Renewal Room Session

Exercise Class Renewal RoomMany of you who attended the WPC 2013 Congress in Montreal, Canada expressed great satisfaction participating in the Renewal Room.

This was a place of refuge where congress delegates could unwind, laugh, play, let go of stress and renew body, mind and soul. The choice of available activities was impressive. It included yoga, exercise, movement, dance (Argentinian tango, Hot Latin and other rhythms), creative arts, tai chi, singing (to exercise vocal cords), laughter and humor.

Exciting news! The WPC 2016 Congress, to be held in Portland,
Oregon in September, will bring back the highly successful Renewal Room.

Applications are currently open to those wishing to host a session. Deadline is Friday, March 25, 2016. Please go to: www.wpc2016.org
Boxing Renewal RoomHosting renewal sessions, during an extensive congress, makes eminent sense. Whether we are PWP’s and caregivers feeling the impact of PD, or physicians, health professionals, researchers, congress organizers working on a search for effective interventions and ultimately a cure, we all live hectic lives. Our existence is much too often segmented by, seemingly, never ending deadlines and to-do lists. We feel overworked and stressed out.

Stress, it should be noted, is a normal psychological and physical reaction to the real or perceived threats and demands of everyday life. It is rooted in the body’s alarm system. When our brain signals the presence of a threat it releases hormones that enhance our capacity to manage the threat—“fight or flight.” Once the threat is gone, the body returns to a relaxed state.

But we can misperceive. We can call a threat when none is there. It is then when we can get stuck on an energy depleting alert mode and stress can become chronic. In that state we feel moody, overwhelmed, experience difficulty relaxing, feel bad about self, become depressed, experience headaches, muscle tension, low energy, insomnia, anxiety and other disturbances.

Tango Class
Stress is an insidious and silent adversary. At first we do not realize its presence. And by the time we do, it has seriously disrupted our health and wellbeing. In its more severe form stress can culminate in burnout or compassion fatigue.

That’s why stress management and participation in self-renewing experiences are so important. They give us an array of tools and strategies to reset our alarm system and return to a calm state now, and remain in that state later. The Renewal Room can bring back joy, play and laughter to our lives.

So, consider hosting a renewal session. Apply now.

Official WPC BloggerJulio F. Angulo, Phd.
Official Blogger WPC 2016

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